The Top hair trends to try in 2017

Let’s be honest, each year we might be slightly more excited to discover what the fashion week catwalks & red carpets have to tell us about the hottest hair trends for the year ahead than the actual clothes – aren’t you as well?

We’ve spotted a lot of stunning looks on the runways during the London, New York or Paris fashion week - from braided hairdos and wet-look hair, to 70’s inspired styles and colourful hair, here’s a selection of our favourite hair trends to try this year:


Feminine short pixies:

Pixie hairstyles have been very popular and worn by a variety of women for a long time - years might pass but nothing changes. Well, this is not quite true. Pixie styles have never gone out of style, but they have evolved. In 2017, try the short-cropped pixie, short on the side and long on top. This really trendy bob-like style will please ladies who like to keep their hair short while giving them the freedom to have a play with the way they style the top. One of our favourite trend!


Wet-look hair

We’ve seen them everywhere lately – wet look hairstyles are your biggest life hack if your hair tends to go greasy easily. Wet-look hair is extremely elegant and will make you look super sexy even in a pair of jeans and white tee. From slicked-back ponytails to I-just-stepped-out-of-the-water looks, whether your hair is straight or curly, try one of the below styles for a change!Careful though - since they can be damaging for your hair, we don’t recommend gluing your hair with tons of pomade everyday! Make sure you also use a gentle product – we personally love the Bear Face Styling pomade, 100% handmade with natural ingredients only. Shop now.


Braided styles

You can’t go wrong with braids. On their own or paired with relaxed or more sophisticated hairdos, braids can be time consuming but they guarantee a stunning look, whether you need to hit the office or just hang out at a party or a festival. Braids also give your hair a much-needed break from harsh environmental factors. Take inspiration from these gorgeous looks.


Pastel, flashy and neon hair colours

This year, the hair is no longer just blonde, red or brown – unconventional daring hair colours have become one of the biggest 2017 hair trends, with tons of neon shades spotted on the red carpet and Fashion Week catwalks this year. Guy Tang has even partnered with Kenra Professional to create a rainbow hair dye that's designed to glow under a black light.

The good news? Loads of brands have launched their range of semi-permanent colours (Redken’s City Beats, Wella’s Instamatic, L’Oréal Professional’s Colourful Hair), just in case you realise it’s not quite for you. Let’s do this!


Beautiful Waves

We can’t get tired of waves - everybody just loves them. This year, you can give flat iron waves a go. Using a flat iron instead of a curling iron makes waves look more subtle and natural, for tousled yet feminine look. Glamorous 50’s inspired waves also make a come back this year, so retro yet so now! Loving more casual styles? Rock beach waves like a celeb this summer. Beach waves are not that tricky but you’ll need a good salt spray. Yes, salt sprays can make your hair dry but why not try Bumble and Bumble’s new Surf Infusion (enriched with nourishing oils) for long lasting soft beach waves and nourished, shiny locks?


The 70’s shag

One of the hottest hair trends of 2017! Although this might sounds surprising, there is no doubt that the 70’s are increasingly inspiring fashion designers, and as a result hair stylists. In 2017, think messy, undone texture and plenty of layers for a haircut that is fun, easy to wear and that can be tailored to suit any kind of hair types and face shapes (you don’t want to look like Mick Jagger or Jane Fonda).Good news is, if you’re currently growing your fringe, you no longer look like you’re in transition between two haircuts, your style is just on point!


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